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The competition put ten million U.S. dollars for the winning applications, and has given the available beta SDK (emulator, libraries, debugger), which together with advanced Eclipse plugin gave clearly know that when developing for Android will really mainly about programming, not about the match the IDE. Information Shared By Android Apps Development

SDK has since come a very long way and the most current form can be downloaded by Quick Start Instructions. In step 4, submitted for testing simply download components:

Android SDK Tools
SDK Platform Android 1.6, API 4
SDK Platform Android 2.1, API 7
Google APIs by Google Inc., Android API 4
Google APIs by Google Inc., Android API 7


If this simple procedure is done, we get the environment, which includes a device emulator Arm prepared system images corresponding to the respective versions of the Android framework and it all ADT (Android Development Tools) plug-in for Eclipse, which allows us to conveniently control the SDK and debug applications on both the emulated device and the real telephone.

Emulated device plus you can create and use several to individuals without phones can tweak their applications for all sorts of configurations resolution screens, hardware or software keyboards, present or absent control trackballs and other variable properties phones with Android.


If you only need access to the phone and to analyze its condition, it suffices us DDMS – a tool that is in the SDK / tools that Eclipse without bypass. As far as performance, for application only ordinary developer machine that under Windows, Linux or Mac OS run Eclipse, plus it is good to some 512MB of memory to run the emulator.

Developing Mobile Apps For Different Platforms

Experience of Windows XP says that 3GB + Core2 Duo 2.2GHz enough.

The real Android device for which we are developing, then start at about ARMv9 350MHz processor and latest devices then ticking 1GHz Snapdragon ARM processors.

It’s Java not Java

In Android we write primarily in Java, which makes at least the first steps. On the other hand, the mere knowledge of Java is not enough – we had on the mobile device, and the ‘ Intel will solve it for us “are quite valid. If the rules for the purposes of this article, simplify and update, it will be ” too much abstraction previously swallows a battery . ”

The knowledge of Java in Android Therefore we have to start “mobile” program. (On the subject of optimized development as an encore after I read this article, I highly recommend recording the session Jeffrey Shareholder from last year’s Google IO).

Mobile Application Development – As of Java will certainly use the knowledge of all sorts of API Android API with part of Java SE, partly already available in the Apache library contains useful when coding applications in the Internet (This base is complemented by lots API tailored for Android (working with graphics, user accounts, Bluetooth, Sq Lite DB, touch gestures and many others).

A specific list of packages (packages) can be found in  the reference documentation. Writing code in Java with Java but we are, as we know it ended up, started Kalvin. The application is translated to the build.