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Posted: August 15, 2013 in Mobile Application Development
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Mobile Application Development – These activities in relation to the nature of mobile devices conceal security threats.

Records seminars:

SAFELY with documents, emails and applications in mobile devices

How to keep corporate mobile data under control?

How to determine the company’s mobile strategy?

Mobile Device Management by Mobile Iron

We deliver technology following companies:

Mobile Iron – Virtual Mobile Platform

Sybase – SAP Affair

Good Mobile Technology – Good for Enterprise

Air Watch – Mobile Device Management Enterprise

McAfee – Enterprise Mobility Management

Jaspers Mobile Security

Do you have questions about our enterprise mobile security?    Contact Ness

If you stand in front of the following questions

As mobile devices to encrypt data?

How to deploy certificates to corporate smart phones and tablets?

How to delete data on stolen / lost phone or tablet?

How to manage mobile devices access to information systems, i.e. to control which devices and their status can join?

To safely operate a mobile application?

How to join private smart phones and tablets to enterprise systems?

SMS / MMS Apps

SMS / MMS services

Communication via SMS and MMS are among the traditional use of mobile services. Simple and effective solutions are able to reliably send and receive necessary information.

Portfolio SMS / MMS services based on the real needs of companies and organizations.

SMART Messaging Server – a single robust platform for all SMS / MMS corporate communications with ease of integration with internal information systems and connection to all commercial services American operators

SMART Mobile Marketing – solutions for marketing communications, market research, mobile voting, mobile contests, loyalty programs, etc.

SMART Mobile Information System – a solution for sending information to employees and customers through SMS / MMS

SMART SMS Emergency Broadcast – provides critical communication with citizens, employees or customers

SMART SMS Phone Book – Search and forwarding company contacts as SMS / MMS

SMART Desktop to SMS / MMS – enables the users to send and receive SMS / MMS messages from their computer environment.

Mobile Apps – SMART Ticketing & Composing  – Manages accepted codes of goods sent coupons distributed to mobile devices in the form of a barcode / QR codes.

SMART Campaign management – used for planning, setting up and managing SMS information and marketing campaigns

  1. […] Moreover, it is expected that its possible launch is in October this year and the price will not exceed 240 euros. Also, the new Nexus 5 could have a screen size of 5.2 inches capable of displaying a resolution of 1080p HD. We accompany a capacity of 3GB of RAM. Regarding internal storage, the new Nexus 5 offer several versions of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, all with possibility of extending it later by using microSD type cards. Its posterior chamber would total 16 megapixel resolution while its front camera would remain at 2.1 megapixels.article resource by […]

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